1000 gifts, numbers 20 - 29

Things I'm thankful for today:

20. Itunes. Seriously. How good is it? I get to download the two songs I want for Kids Church late on a Saturday night. Amazing.

21. Lots of rain. I do love it in the summer. And it makes the grass grow.

22. The fresh smell and the warm touch of clean dry washing that's been hanging in the sun (after the rain obviously). I should add to this: great detergent, an automatic washing machine, water and electricity. Oh, and a separate laundry so we don't have to hear the machine noise all day.

23. Watching my boys dance to their favourite songs.

24. Great cups of tea.

25. The fact that my husband makes me said cups of tea, multiple times a day.

26. Making little tin foil people today in Kids Church with the big kids. Very fun. 

27. Going for a 7am walk with my daughter.

28. Alarm clocks... which get me up in time for the walk.

29. A very comfortable bed to get out of. (It's better to get out of a comfortable bed happily than to roll stiff and sore out of an uncomfortable bed.)