Yeah, I chill out

Anonymous PosterHonestly, if you read my blog, you'd probably think I'm just about the most serious person alive. "Something to say on every topic, and it's rarely funny," I can hear you saying. 

It's true. I am serious a lot of the time. I do think about stuff. I do analyse everything. Perhaps to death? I don't know. It works for me.

But I do also chill out occasionally. It's usually with a movie or a book that provide a good escape.

This week my hubby and I enjoyed Anonymous, a 'whowasit' flick looking at the 'real' story of Shakespeare.

No one ever told me at high school that the Bard's father was illiterate, his daughters were illiterate and that he spent the final years of his life in Stratford as a grain merchant. Hmmmm. Doesn't sound too poetic to me. I think I was pretty convinced by the film. Even if you don't like a good conspiracy theory, this film is worth it just to see Rhys Irfans, the guy who was Hugh Grant's ridiculous flatmate in Notting Hill, serve up a fantastic role.

And this week I actually found a John Grisham novel that I haven't read before - The Broker. It's not a legal thriller - more of a CIA-spy-espionage affair, all set in Italy, which Grisham clearly adores.

I like thriller novels. I like the fast pace and the ridiculous ability of the main characters to figure it out and focus on their goal despite no sleep and no food. I also like their complete lack of post traumatic shock!

(Just for the record, if international assassins wanted to kill me, it'd be a doddle. I have no capacity whatsoever to organise secret encrypted email accounts and I leave trails wherever I go.)