1000 gifts, numbers 70-79

I'm making a list of 1000 gifts - things I am thankful for here and now - but it's going slowly.

70. On a day of cold wind and unpleasant conditions, I was grateful for a weatherproof house, a gas heater, a fluffy doona and the fact that my washing was drying quickly.

71. Celebrating ANZAC Day here in town, I was grateful for the obvious: that people went to war and made sacrifices for freedom. Closer to home, I was grateful that my great grandfather made it back from Gallipoli alive and unwounded. If he hadn't, I wouldn't be here.

72. Grateful for my baby Coco's blue eyes. She is breathtakingly beautiful.

73. Grateful for high jinks and noise created by two boys with wonderful senses of humour.

74. I really like sausages.

75. I also really like steamed vegetables. 

76. My dog follows me around the house all day. He just likes to be in my company. I like to be in his (although I do draw the line at him snoring when I'm trying to get to sleep.)

77. I loved talking with women about the book, 1000 gifts, this week. Love that one of my friends is as keen as I am about it. Today when I saw her she was underlining passages.

78. Grateful for two feet and a daughter to take out on an early morning walk. And for the sunshine and early glow of the day as we do it.

79. Grateful that there are so many things out there that I don't know about and don't understand. The world is a big, beautiful place. There's so much to learn!