Just because you like to look at it doesn't mean it's p*rn


There are some drool-able photographs out there in cyberland. Books and bookshelves make my knees go weak. Cabins in the woods make me catch my breath. And food... well, it makes me want to cook, and take longer to do it than half an hour at 5pm with a screaming baby on my hip.

But, as Gourmet Girlfriend says, don't call it foodp*rn, bookp*rn or whateverp*rn.

The p*rn industry is not beautiful. It's not lovely. It's not wonderful to look at. It treats women and girls like objects. It dehumanises them and in doing so, dehumanises the men who look at it.

Don't spam me or make insulting comments in defence of the p*rn industry or a person's right to choose. Go ahead and do whatever you want in your own time. I'm not interested.

What I am interested in is calling beauty by it's real name, and not associating it with an industry that is not interested in real beauty or passion or integrity or the personhood of the people who are involved in it.