Happy Mothers Day

Normally I don't like Mothers Day too much. It never really lives up to expectations. However, this year I had no expectations. And who knew? The whole thing was different.

In the morning I was woken by a procession of breakfast tray and gift-bearing children with presents and cards and smiles. They watched me eat and glowed in the glory of their hand-made cards. Bright Eyes' said, "To Cecily. You are the best person ever."

At 8.45 the light was just right so I took them over to the preschool for a photo session. I had prepped them for days that this was going to happen, but I still didn't know if it would work out. Family photos haven't been that successful for us over the past five years. In any case, this was the result.

And then, if that wasn't good enough, I had a nap after church. Then I took myself off to the garage and finished building my cubby house furniture (out of old bed slats in case you're interested). I built it. And ignored the various cries and other needs that were going on inside. Amazingly, they sorted themselves out.

And now, to cap it off, I'm sitting blogging while my 12 year old daughter cooks dinner for me. Wow wow wow.

So thanks everyone. And Happy Mothers Day to the rest of you.