On chores and magic

How's this for a snapshot into the human condition. 

Whenever I think to myself, "Ooops, had better go hang out the washing," my heart sinks. "Drudgery," I think to myself.

And then I go outside and I see this.

And it's magic. Today a million tiny yellow leaves were being blown off the tree, sprinkling gently down like gold snowflakes.

I can take a breath of the freshest air and smell the grass and the cows and the sparkle and I can see the green and the red and the shapes and the horizon and I feel relaxed and charged and peaceful.

And then I look up at the nappies being hung and out of the corner of my eye I still see the view, but all of a sudden there's stress in my stomach because I'm not sure I'm going to have enough pegs and the worry takes over and numbers of pegs is all I can think about.

But if I turned my head, I would see that there is always enough and more spilling over. And running out of pegs would seem laughable. And drudgery would transform into delight and work would turn into play.

Why do we only look at what we don't have, instead of what we do have?