I haven't run away...

… But I am injured once again.

I once read a list of somebody's 10 most important pieces of advice for writers. Number 10 was, "take care of your tendons, they are the only ones you have." I cannot tell you how important this is.

Having had chronic RSI now for four years and a tendency towards it for 13 years, taking care of my back, neck and shoulders has become absolutely crucial. Unfortunately, the things that I love to do seem to cause me the most physical pain. Craft, knitting and sewing are all RSI triggers for me and sitting at the computer is the death knell.

Once again, I have my dictation software out and I am controlling my screen with my voice, but as soon as I get a little bit better, I give it up as all too hardand go back to injuring myself with the mouse.

Somehow, I need to find a way to beat this. If you have any ideas – especially ones which do not cost bucketloads of money in treatment or equipment – I would love to hear them.