Big families are cool

This is my grandma. Amongst other things, she's had a building named after her. My grandma had five children in the 1940s and 50s. It's probably not so unusual for the era.

What was a little more unusual was that the five children were spaced out over 20 years. That makes my dad, as the second eldest child, 18 years older than his youngest sister.

As an interesting result I have cousins aged from 43 to 11. Who is related to whom in what way is always a good talking point at family gatherings. 

We had a 'Christmas in July' lunch for the whole family today at our place.

It's the first time in two years we've all been together. There were 33 people present even though many couldn't come.

We tried to figure out how many people would be there if everyone had made it and came up with varying figures from 47 to 51 (I calculate 49).

Even Grandma doesn't know how many great-grandchildren she has. (She thinks 17 but it's actually 19 - 20 if you count my cousin's dachshund, which thinks it is a child...)

It was a great day of conversation, catching up and cousinly bonds. Big families are interesting, rich and fun. Thanks Grandma for having five children!