Birthday wishes


For many years now I have taken the opportunity to review each year on my birthday and to look ahead to what I wish for the coming year.

I am very grateful for the year that has just gone. In many ways our family has had improved relationships, especially as Bright Eyes has come on in leaps and bounds and has achieved lots of great results – especially going on a school excursion and being able to overcome quite a lot of his anxiety.

I enjoyed working on quite a few books as an editor and I can see my skills improving.

I am very pleased at the reception Love Tears & Autism has had. It has been a genuine privilege to correspond and to talk with (mostly) women who find themselves in similar situations. I really hope that I will be able to do more of this next year.

And, I am loving my friends, both near and far, who are so kind as to keep loving me and staying in contact.

In the coming year I really would like to be able to give up cake. I would like to have better haircuts and I would like to write a book following on from LT&A, this time all about parenting and what I have learned. I have no control over it, but I would love to have Invisible published, and I would love to go on holiday to the beach, with no cooking. I hope to be kinder and more patient. I hope to be less defensive and more able to hear criticism. I'd like to enjoy teaching sunday school more, and I hope to spend better play time with my kids. 

What are your hopes for the coming 12 months?

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