Upcoming writing projects – at least in my head

Having berated other people over the years for wanting more time in their day, I am about to be a hypocrite and write the same thing myself here. I wish for more time to spend writing. Or perhaps less time doing washing and cooking. Because I have a lot of projects I just want to get my teeth into, including: 

- writing a new parenting book based on the "Love is…" passage from the Bible and examining what it means to be patient, kind, trusting and so on with our children. I am writing this with an early childhood expert, our RDI consultant.

- continuing with The Year My Dad Went Crazy, a new novel for young teen girls, featuring twins Coco and Charlie.

- Planning a young teen girl novel about a group of friends struggling to stay together through the ups and downs of year six. My title is the Year Of Awesomeness but my daughter doesn't like it.

– Doing a curriculum with my daughter called Adventure Novel in One Year. This should be a lot of fun. We will do it together and I will let her critique my work. The story is based on a child who grows up with no name.

– Finding an American publisher for Love Tears and Autism

– finding any publisher at all for Invisible.