How to make your own sulphite free sausages

I've got a very fussy eater living with me and it's almost impossible to get him to eat meat. So when he recently decided he liked sausages I was pretty happy. 

That was until we discovered he is allergic to sulphites (all the 200 numbers). Darn it. Almost every sausage you get has sulphites in it.

Time to pull out my old juicer/nut butter maker/mincer/sausage making machine. Today I made these and they don't taste too bad at all. I used:

equal parts pork mince and chicken mince

a bit of gluten free flour

salt and thyme for seasoning

I mixed it all together and put it through my Compact juicer machine into collagen casings, which I bought for next to nothing from the butcher. (They were definitely easier to handle than sheeps casings which I've used before, by the way.)

Hopefully they'll get a good reception tonight from the fussy restaurant crowd that frequents my house.