If there's no future...

My husband and I have a ten minute rule for our movie rentals. If it doesn't grab us in the first ten minutes, it's off. That was definitely the case with Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, a film with a great premise, but (unfortunately for me) Keira Knightley and (unfortunately for my husband) Steve Carrell in gormless nerd mode.

When the movie begins, the world is going to end in three weeks and people don't really know what to do. Some are doing their 'bucket lists', others are turning up to work. Carrell's wife just runs away and Steve is left to decide what means anything if there is no future.

It's an intriguing idea. If there is no future, all that we do, say, strive for, work towards, value, cherish, whatever... none of it has any meaning. Why love your wife? Why turn up to work? Why not just go out and shag the next available person who's up for it?

I wonder what people do who don't know what's in their eventual future? I mean, we're all going to die. We know it's coming. What then? I like that verse from Jeremiah where God says "I'm going to give you a future and a hope." I cling to it.

In my immediate future, I'm off on holidays. Hopefully I'll keep the longer term future in mind and get some rest in preparation for another year. In the meantime, see you in a week.