Things, right now...

...I'm enjoying

Some good friendships, a shared purpose working together with others on an op shop raising money for P&C, the rain, my lounge room, reading nice reviews of Invisible whenever they come up.

...that make me smile

Always, always Coco, the two year old. She's just so charming and amusing. 

...I'm working on

Being non-verbal and playing 'face' games with Bright Eyes just before bed. When he finally notices me (and it takes a while) he can't quite figure out what I'm doing, growling and twitching and making silly noises. Finally today, after I purred about 10 times in a row, he put his hand out and patted my cheek. "there, nice kitty," he said. Success!

...I'm challenged by

The MASSIVE topic in my life right now which is children's food intolerances. After having blood tests come back with a list of things per child they can't eat that will make my life difficult, I then also read the FAILSAFE books about amines and salicylates and have confused my head even further. Just as well...

...I'm looking forward to

getting my Thermomix tomorrow. Yay yay yay. Can't wait to see what I can do with this amazing machine. Maybe I'll be a better cook. I can't wait.

...I'm pleased about

Having said 'no' to being P&C president because I didn't think I could handle it this year, I was feeling bad because it looked like no one else would put their hand up, but a wonderful person is more than likely going to take it on, and I feel relieved.

...I'm surprised by

the fact that my 20 minute run in the morning is actually becoming my favourite part of the day. Who knew? Me, running! 


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