Things I wanted to blog about this week but didn't.

I had lots of good intentions this week, but not a lot of energy. Much of my week saw me face down on my pillow getting rid of a virus. The standing up parts were mostly in the kitchen, trying not to yell at kids. These were the things I would have blogged about if I'd had half an hour and more than 80% of my normal energy reserves:

1. Steubenville. What could I say that hasn't already been said though? I would have reiterated this incredibly important point - Don't blame the victims. No one deserves rape, no matter how they dress or how drunk they get.  And I would have recalled some of the many scary and shame-inducing encounters I had growing up as a teenage girl in a certain South Asian country. It's not so fun to be a woman and be constantly told that your very physical presence is worthless.

2. International Womens Day. You could celebrate it or you could lament with Melinda Tankard Reist about the still tragic state of affairs for half the souls in our world.

3. On a lighter note: I would have shared some recipes and allergy-friendly food blogs. Still loving Quirky cooking but also I managed to get my son to eat cashews, almonds, avocado and cauliflower all in one meal. He thought it was pizza and chocolate mousse.

4. About not criticising people. I'm bored of books and blogs that say "Everyone else has it wrong. My way was the only right way."

5. But having said that, there's a place for deserved criticism and analysis, and things MUST be said and brought out into the open when there's abuse anywhere, but especially the church. I've been following a blog roll on spiritual abuse which is a downer.

6. The fun of working with other people to get a big op shop ready for the Easter Weekend raising money for our school. I love it when a group of people tackles a project and all shoulders the load together.

7. Remembering not to yell at my children. I read a wonderful article on this and it silenced much of my grumpy virusy irritability.

8. Nice reviews of my book. Hee hee. I get a buzz when I look at the stats on my Cecily Anne Paterson writer website and there are over 200 visitors per day and I get a thrill when someone writes me something like this:

"I just wanted to say how much I loved your book invisible, I have bipolar and although I have no hearing problems I can compleatly relate to wanting to shut myself off from the world some days. You gave jazmine so much hope and clarity through her story, it bought me a little hope too."

Oh, and because I am still sickish and am running out of time I'm not going to be a proper, dedicated blogger and put in all the links to the above. Sorry. You'll just have to google them yourself because I don't have the energy.