Yes, the toddler is weaned

No, I am not 'Mom Enough'.

 Apparently my husband was pulled aside at a social function today by a reader of this blog. 

"Well?" she asked. "How did it go?"

He looked at her, blank and a little non-plussed. 


"The weaning. Did the toddler wean?"

I'm sure it's a question that's been at the top of everyone's minds. After my post about my intention to wean my nearly three year old a few weeks ago, you're dying to ask me if she's now off breastmilk. You're desperate to know how it worked out. Did I enjoy my time away? Did the husband survive? How much screaming was there?

Here are the gory details (if you care. If not, come back tomorrow when I may or may not have something more interesting to write about):

I went away and had a reasonable time. Got to see The Great Gatsby and have a haircut and sleep in. Completely forgot, of course, about the effect weaning has on my *ahem* chest area. Found that my bras didn't fit for a number of days, kept waking up overnight and couldn't shift a cracking headache.

Hubby stayed home and endured two fairly hectic nights with lots of screaming at different intervals. Days weren't so bad. By night three she was calm and sleeping as long as he was in the room with her. 

Baby herself has doubled her appetite, although she seems to have taken after our other children in not being a terribly good eater. She continued to ask at least once a day for a week for 'minky minky' after I came home and I also ended up having two nights with a big screaming episode. Oddly enough, she seemed to calm down with a very firm pressure hug. (It was just as well. I was nearly about to do violence. 3 am is NOT my preferred time for effective parenting and limit setting.)

And so, she's weaned. And a (long) era is over.