Things I'd like to do in the second half of my life

On my 40th birthday, here's a list of things I'd like to do and qualities I'd like to cultivate in the next 40 years or however long I'm granted here on earth. This list is in no particular order.



Listen to people's stories, experiences and feelings.

Be publicly and privately honest.

Do something about the causes I believe in.

Write, write, write.

Seed, grow and harvest patience, perseverence and kindness.

Attempt contentment.

Grow more food.

Eat less sugar.

See more sunsets and night skies.

Walk the Camino de Santiago with my family.

Visit old friends.

Make new friends.

Write, write, write.

Give up bitterness and being offended.

Follow Jesus.

Face my own fears.

Own my own stuff.

Let other people live their own lives.

Write, write, write.