I don't blog the right way

So apparently I make a lot of blogging mistakes.

That's if you read the 'how to blog and generate hundreds of hits to your website' type articles, which I do from time to time, because, you know, I like high statistics as much as the next person and after all, why not improve what you're doing if it's easy enough?

It just so happens that very time I read the articles I find out that I'm blogging wrong.

Here's how it's supposed to go:

You're supposed to write on a single issue. So if you're a book reviewer, you review books. If you write on relationships, stick to people stuff. If you do craft, post pictures and tutorials of your latest PVA glued triumph. Yes, okay, there's a little bit of room for some personal bits and pieces here and there, but not too much and definitely don't mix up your genres.

You're supposed to post frequently. Every day is best. Or if infrequently, at least on a schedule, which should be easily accessible so that readers don't get upset and give up and don't come back.

You're supposed to answer comments. (That's presuming people comment. *Hint hint*)

It helps to be funny. If you're not, it helps to be clever. Mundane is not preferred.

You're not supposed to write too much. But you're not supposed to write too little either.

Including headings like '10 ways to be a better whatever' attracts more readership.

You're supposed to be aware of SEO (what is that?) and google search terms so that you can tailor your content appropriately. 

And these days, you're supposed to include pithy quotes that people can tweet to their friends and followers. 

So, yeah... I'm kind of not doing it right. I blog irregularly, on whatever topic is on my mind, at random lengths, with varying levels of humour and quality. I'm what you'd call hotch-potch. 

But that's kind of okay. One day if I get more energy, I might look up what SEO actually means and another day, I might actually decide what topic you could possibly classify this blog under.

In the meantime I'll just keep on writing and see what happens.

What happened today was this: a blog reader sent me a cool CD and a card saying 'thank you' for my writing. So maybe it doesn't matter so much if I'm doing it wrong...

(Oh, and watch this space. Right now I'm working on a brand new blog design. But it's not ready to be revealed yet... so you'll have to be patient.)