Sorry I've got nothing important to write about.

I like to think seriously about things. I like to analyse an issue, turn it around and look at it from all sides, dissect it and take it apart. And then put it back together in a whole new way.

That's why I started this blog eight years ago - to communicate my important and weighty thoughts. But every year I go through patches of frustration. 

Basically, there are times when I have nothing to think about. No great ideas to communicate. No issues to respond to.

It's not as if there isn't anything out there in the world going on. Every day the media is full of the latest issues, and blantantly not full of the other issues it ought to be full of. I feel sad and angry about many things in the world.

It's just that at this time of year, I'm consumed with the small details of organising life. 

Cupboards need cleaning, clutter needs clearing out and new routines need to be put into place. My mind is consumed with planning ahead for lunchboxes, new school hats and setting up new routines. 

I feel boring. My life seems small. I get scared that without thought-provoking or controversial articles no-one will read here anymore. 

But the homemaker's pull has always been strong for me. It feels like if I don't at least start with things under control, the year might just spiral out of my grasp. 

So I keep going, with my head full of plans for planting vegies, growing wheatgrass, soaking grains, brewing kefir and juicing leafy greens to keep myself and my children healthy. I clean out bookshelves with glee and go through the pain of discarding old paperwork. 

One day I'll have something important to say again. Just not this week.


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