Friendship at 40. (And younger.) (Oh, and maybe older too.)

Got this in from a reader today:

"I have just received your books and have devoured the Friendship one in a few days.  I was planning to savour it but it was a bit like when I get a new No.1 Ladies Detective Agency book, it stares at me like a piece of chocolate mud cake saying 'eat me'.

Thanks for putting all that down on paper. Such important stuff, but never talked about.

I was a bit horrified to find that in my mid-40s, I hadn't worked the whole friendship thing out, and after a few painful experiences it was perfect timing to find your book. It has helped me think through a number of things, and I am still pondering. There were even a few "Aha" moments.

At my age!!" 

This is the book she's talking about. Yes, it's imaginatively entitled Friendship, but honestly, I just couldn't think of anything else that was more descriptive. 

It's about friendship. Good friendships, hard friendships. Why they matter, how they go wrong, how to get them, how to keep them. It's definitely from a Christian point of view, but if that's not you, there's enough neutral advice to make it still worth your while. I wrote it for girls, but you know, there are enough 40 year olds still struggling with the same issues to make it a worthwhile read for us more mature gals.

Right now you can get it in paperback or pdf. Soon I'll have it on Amazon. Get it. Read it. See if you have an Aha moment as well. And if you do, tell me about it. I'd love to hear.

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