I'm an ABNA Semifinalist!

I'm a little bit squealy today. Kind of jumping up and down on toes emitting little 'eeek, eeek, eeek' noises. And it's because I'm finally allowed to tell you that my novel Invisible has made it to semi-final status in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards

This is a BIG DEAL.

There are 10,000 entrants, who get culled down to (now) five in five different genres. In July the five in each genre will become one. They offer four $15,000 prizes and one $50,000 prize. There's a publishing contract on offer for each of the five genre winners.

Am I nervous? Yes.

Am I checking out the opposition? Of course.

Am I praying? You betcha.

Can you help? Sorta maybe. You can certainly leave me a little review here, if you've read it. (If you haven't, there's a little excerpt on offer that should give you a taste. Or just read the whole thing. You can get your e-copy here (or your favourite ebook store), or order a paperback from this website.

Thanks so much for your support! Now if you'll excuse me, I might go turn some cartwheels.

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