Could you be bothered answering these questions? Maybe not.

Do I have time to write a blog post? Not if I'm also going to sit down and greedily devour 12 Years a Slave tonight. (Which I fully intend to, because I'm going away for three nights as of tomorrow. No DVD player there. Just preparation for creative writing lectures for teenagers.)

Do I need to write a blog post? Yes, if I'm to not be a hypocrite with what I'm teaching a bunch of teenagers about blogging in the next two days and three nights. (Schedule, people, schedule. Write stuff. Brainstorm ideas if you can't think of anything to write about. Above all, don't leave huge, fortnight-long gaps.)

Can I be bothered getting my self-designated 'book of the year' Give and Take out to summarise a few more brilliant points on why givers are better than takers? No, not really. (This may deduct points on my own 'giver' score. Check out yours here.)

If I added a picture, would it make everything alright? Probably. In fact, definitely, if it was a picture from the superlative site, where everything is not only totally gorgeous but also completely free to use however you like. 


There. Better?

This is the speed at which I feel like I'm flying tonight.


This is how I'm feeling about standing up in front of a bunch of teenagers in the next two days, sharing the knowledge I've gathered about how to write stories. Fun. But a leetle bit terrifying.

Anyway. Back to the questions.

Should I tell you all about two most exciting things in my life this month? Are you interested in puppies and cellos? Could you care that I've got both? A puppy and a cello. Yes, I'll bet you could. I know my readers aren't completely heartless. One of the two has to stir your heart in some way. I'm learning to play from the first, and I'm learning to play the second. They're both beautiful. Absolutely exquisite. But the puppy gives better cuddles in front of the telly.

And speaking of that, I'm heading to the couch for puppy cuddles and movie brilliance. Wish me luck with my teenagers. I'll be back from my adventures in a couple of days.