The thing I've been super-excited about for two whole months that I haven't been able to tell you about yet.

I was flicking through Facebook a couple of months ago and came across a picture that one of my FB friends posted. It was a hand-drawn illustrated Bible verse for colouring in and the art was amazing. It almost looked like henna, that wonderful hand-art from the Indian sub-continent, and I instantly fell in love with it.

It turned out that my FB friend was a real-life-person friend of the artist, Lorien. I asked to get a copy so I could colour it for myself. She sent it, and I did it.


And then I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned for three nights in a row, but it was excited tossing and turning. All I could think about was Lorien's art and what she could do with it. 

She should have a book! She needs a website! She needs a publisher!

I tried to let it go, but it had a hold of me. So a couple of days later, poor Lorien received a totally over-enthusiastic, super-lengthy email from me detailing my excitement and my thoughts about all the things she had to do right now! with her art. 

At that point things turned a little weird - in a good way. It turned out we had grown up in the same part of the non-western world, in the same city, and even in similar neighbourhoods, although I am ten years older and had moved out by the time her family came along. Heck, she'd even swum in the pool of the house I grew up in. There were other 'coincidences', and with them, and the fact that I just couldn't let go of the possibilities of the project, things moved along quickly.

Long story short, I offered to be the publisher of Lorien's colouring in book. Together and with a lot of prayer, we made a plan and right now I am waiting on the first 'Lorien Illustrations' products to come back from the printers. This is what they'll look like:

Two amazing postcards, just perfect for colouring and meditating on. I love them! I love everything she does! And the colouring book is going to be unbelievable.

I hear you. You want to know how you can get these designs. Let me help you.

First there's a Facebook group set up around Lorien's artwork with a few free designs to download and enjoy. If colouring and meditating on the Bible sounds like your thing, you can ask to join. You can even do your own illustrations and share them with the rest of the group. 

Second, allow me to introduce to you the publisher of all this gorgeousness: Firewheel Press. (Don't worry - it's just me, only with a swanky new name.)

Yes, I'll let you know on this blog about what we're doing with the book and other colouring in designs, but or will be the places to go to find designs and products to share with your friends or groups.

So stay tuned. I really am so excited about this. I think people will love them, and will use them as Lorien intends - to be part of prayer and worship and to grow in their relationship with God. 

I'd love to hear what you think about it all!