Total colouring in gorgeousness

It's terrible of me to say that my dear, dear blog has been suffering neglect, but it is completely the fault of this little piece of gorgeousness, which is slurping up my time and energy right at the moment -  in a good way!


That, folks, right there, is the cover of the colouring book I am publishing. Don'cha love it? And if you think the outside is good, wait until you see what's going inside. 

Incredible, right?

Actually, that third one isn't going in the book. It's free as a download for people who join the 'Colouring In Truth' facebook group.  (ie. go and join it.)

I'm so excited about this book. This is a project that's been birthed out of faith, love and sheer excitement (on my part). Also talent. The artist, Lorien, can really draw!

The book will be out on 1 October, but you can pre-order your copy (or copies) right now, right here.  It's going to be perfect for a Christmas present, bundled up with your favourite package of felt tip pens or pencils. 

If you'd like to share a Lorien Illustrations design with your group or your class (of whatever type you have), you can go here to licence a download. 

As well as getting this book ready for printing, I've also spent my evenings colouring in the designs. Let me say, it's even more relaxing than blogging... if that's possible. No, I won't be giving up this site just yet. But I do recommend sitting down with a beautiful design, some powerful words and a brand new set of textas. Good for the soul.