An un-numbered list of things that are good, and great in this world.


Flowers and leaves. Also bees. Bees are great.

Flushing toilets and clean water systems are amazing.

Fountain pens make writing feel beautiful.

People who think, articulate and share, with kindness and no blame, are refreshing.

Sleeping in.

Sleep, in general.

Dogs relaxing in the sunshine.

Children doing things together. 

Email. Email is incredible. So are contacts you can make with people on the internet halfway around the world. 

Forgiveness and understanding. Without them, we are finished.

And let's not forget food. Especially vegetables and dark chocolate, which probably deserved a whole line of its own.

Poetry, and also genre novels, especially thrillers by Lee Child, are good.

Anyone who reads my books and likes them is a total epic legend.

God's creativity in nature is mind-blowing.

People's creativity in expressing themselves is sometimes almost too beautiful to bear.

Teachers. Seriously, teachers.

Also nurses. And people who clean houses and buildings and public toilets. 


Open eyes.

The wry arch of an amused eyebrow.

Kind words. 

People who remember to put aside judgey first impressions and instead get to know people as they really are. (I could do more of this.)

Sharing. Sharing is awesome. So is exercise. People who share exercise motivation and turn up to work out together are awesome too.

Light. Night. Fog. Sunshine.

The sky at night. The sky in the daytime. The sky over the water.

Grass. And the colour it is.

Bicycles, and children on them. And small and medium sized towns where children on bicycles can ride freely.

Friends are great. And the ones who write, out of the blue, telling you they're praying for you: well, those are the best ones of all.

Parents, combined with telephones and a willingness to listen, are a balm to the soul. Children who kiss and hug and scritch your back as they say they love you, even after a day filled with complaints, are a gift.

Photographs. Frames to put them in.

Pens and paper: a winning combination on so many levels.

Democracy, a fair court system, literacy and the right to say what you want: irreplaceable.

Grace and generosity, specifically as demonstrated by Jesus: the thing that for me makes the sorrow bearable, and the future full of hope.

The way my head and hands move by instinct when I speak in a particular accent. I think I'm hilarious.

Dance - of any kind. The Flight of the Conchords. Anne of Green Gables in the TV version. Jane Austen.

The fact that I learned to touch type in school.

And I cannot believe that I had to edit this post to add in this one: the cello.



What would you add to the list?