I really hate making big decisions. Recently we've had to choose between a couple of big options for our future, and it has been so hard.

Why do I hate it so much? A few reasons:

It's a lot easier to think "I've got so many options". When you make a decision, you have to go with one option only. The others are then closed! I always want to do everything.

What if we make the wrong decision? But the logic to that is there's hardly ever a wrong decision. You learn from everything. Just because something doesn't work out the way you envision it might doesn't mean it's the wrong decision.

I hate disappointing people. I would love to be everything to everybody and not see anyone disappointed. I guess that's God's job.

When you make a decision, it means things will change. I find it hard to change, and would usually always prefer the status quo! So it becomes easier not to make the decision.

The decisions are made now, with heaps of prayer and (I hope) us being open to God's leading. Now to get on with the future!