Making. Cardboard fun stuff

It's cardboard mania here. Me and my sharp craft knife are inseparable. First up was a toy kitchen (pictured here in the cubby house, in the sort of state I leave my real kitchen) thanks to this pattern from fortytworoads.


Inspired by the slot and lock construction of the kitchen, I then designed this round house and turntable for Bright Eyes' trains.

The pieces of track slot into the cardboard construction so that the trains can move along 'seamlessly', as they say. You might notice a little bit of sticky tape... I am a bit of a quick fix girl, but a more patient person would buy better glue and paint it rather than use crummy contact.

Total cost: $2.50 for glue and $5.00 for contact, but if I'd been more sensible I would have just painted the thing. I love it when I can save money. This would have cost me over $100 to purchase, and while it won't last as long as the plastic version, it will bring just as much joy.