Dollshouse. Attic rooms

Tah dah. I've finished decorating the two attic rooms.

This is the children's bedroom. It has polished wood floorboards (paddle pop sticks, dyed with coffee and painted with varnish, green gingham wallpaper and a pink floral border. So far, inside the room is a bought and painted over $2 rocking chair, sized for a child, a home-made white bookshelf (made from tongue depressors) and a dollshouse, painted in the same colours as the actual dollshouse. Sadly, I just couldn't make it so it opened up...

Next door to the bedroom is the study. I've gone for a more formal look with the dark green stripes in the wallpaper. AP was very disappointed by the floor staining and wanted me to fix it, but I figure in an attic, nothing is going to be perfect, so it adds to the character. The table is a $2 job from go-lo.

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