Making. Dollshouse kitchen and bathroom

I gave up on my terracotta tiles. It was too hard to get them perfect and as I am not a perfectionist, I did not have it in me. So we bought tile sheets from the local dollshouse shop which look fantastic. I especially like the bathroom and laundry ones.

The bathroom decoration elicited this comment from my husband: "This is why I don't let you have a free rein in decorating our real house." It's true. He's the decorating nazi and usually wins the arguments. Perhaps this is why I am so excited to have my own tiny house that I can do with what I want.

So that's the bathroom, and behind it is the laundry.

The kitchen is nearly done. I used blue tiles for the floor and then found it hard to match wallpaper to get the french look I wanted. Oh well. Timber panels with patchwork border are just as nice. I was able to stick in the staircase once I did this part of the wall. 

I covered the stairs with a print-out of pine floorboards that I found on the net. The panelling is made from big paddlepop sticks - tongue depressors - stained with coffee and cut to the right size. The wallpaper border came from a real wallpaper border site. I guess I can admit to pinching the image and reproducing it in publisher. Will anyone sue me? It's personal use and I never could have bought it at 1/12 the size.

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