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The real story behind Love and Muddy Puddles

Coco and Charlie

Coco and Charlie Franks are based on real twins who really did move from Sydney to a farm out the back of Kangaroo Valley with their family when they were in year 8. 

While making the decision to go wasn't quite as dramatic as for the Franks family, the 'real' Coco did struggle more with missing her friends than her brother and sister and probably wasn't quite as keen to live out in the bush as the others. 

The real Franks family didn't build their own house, but they did turn a piggery into stables and begin a horse riding business

While the main storyline is based on fact, the little details in the book, like Coco's room and the way Josh picks on his sisters are all complete fiction and made up by me.

Oh, and by the way, I love both these girls. Can you guess which one is supposed to be Coco and which is Charlie?