Where's your favourite place to read?

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I've got an older brother and when he was five and went to school my Mum started to teach him to read. The thing was, I thought everything that my older brother did was super-cool and worth doing, so I sat alongside him and my Mum every day while they did their reading practice. 

And of course, I learned how to read too. 

I was three at the time.

One of my favourite quotes comes from my favourite books, To Kill a Mockingbird, where the main character, Scout, is told off for being able to read when she starts school. She's confused and says that reading to her is kind of like breathing. She can't think of a time when she couldn't do it.

For me, reading was like breathing and books were fresh air. Every day when I came home from preschool, my first stop was my bed, where I had a little suck of my dummy (yep, at four, and that's a whole OTHER story) and a read of my favourite book. (This one is my fuzzy donkey book, a definite favourite.)

Where's your favourite place to read? And do you have a photo like this?


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