Who's your Miss Fraser?

I'm a big believer in mentors. 

A mentor, in case you don't know, is an adult (usually not a parent) who you like, trust and admire. It's someone who has time for you, someone who challenges you and someone you aspire to be a bit like. 

A mentor is basically another person who is a guide for your life.

It could be a teacher, a youth group leader, an aunt or uncle or older cousin or a family friend. It could be a sports coach or trainer or someone a few years ahead of you at school.

I had two people I considered to be wonderful mentors when I was growing up. They were both houseparents at the boarding school I went to. Auntie Eunice was the housemother for the little boys and Deb was the housemother for senior girls so I didn't have a lot to do with them every day (although I did used to go and drink warm Horlicks with Auntie Eunice when I needed a break from the girls who were giving me a hard time), but they inspired me hugely. 

One thing I really loved about them was that they were always positive. You never went away from them feeling down or negative. They always said great things about me, and about everyone else around me. I found it amazing that they seemed to be able to like everyone SO much because (quite frankly) I wasn't that crash hot on a whole lot of people, but they seemed to find the positives in every situation.

I also liked that they had real, living faith in God, and being a Christian, that was very important to me. They weren't fake or pretend about it. Their beliefs matched up to their behaviour, which is not always that common.

Plus, they were fun. They were all about the party and going out and enjoying all the good things life has to offer.

I couldn't believe it when Auntie Eunice told me she was actually an orphan. She'd lost her parents at the age of 13! She wasn't bitter or twisted or miserable or anything. You can read her story here  if you like. 

I've had other mentors too. One thing I've learned about life is that you can't do it on your own. You need help, and help from wise, trusted mentors is just about the best kind you can get.

Who's your mentor?


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