This reader went out and bought a journal

Got this in from a Dad who's been reading Invisible with his 13 year old daughter recently. Gives me tingles on my arms.

" I have been reading 'Invisible’ to J, my daughter who has been struggling with chronic pain for the last 3-4 years. This year, things got worse with depression setting in. It came with a vengeance with talks of suicide as attempts at self-harm and running away. It culminated her being sent hospital from school and school insisting that she not return until we had management plan in place. It turns out that bullying from a few years ago has added to her anxiety as well as a traumatic event when she was younger. 

I had bought ‘Invisible’ a few months back for her to read but she never picked it up. So a couple of weeks ago I started reading it to her. It only took a few pages and she was hooked.

Turns out the ‘Jazmine’ has a lot of similarities to J and not a night goes by with me reading, without us stopping with her commenting on how ‘she feels the same way’ and at other times, me drawing lessons from Jazmine’s life for J. She even has a friend like ‘Gabby’. And recently a boy, who had been ‘annoying’, expressed that he had a secret crush for ages, causing Jessica to respond to me “I feel a little less ugly’. Liam comes to mind.

J has definitely been encouraged by your book.

So she decided to buy a journal as she also wanted to write her emotions down. S, (the boy in question) bought it for her whilst they were out shopping

She came home and that night showed me the diary. The she turned it over for a closer look. There at the bottom of the cover was the word “Jasmine’.

Both of us were surprised. (Though she quickly stated, 'but its not spelled with a ‘z')

It was clear to me that this was God’s way of saying to her, ‘I am here’, and I told her so.

Loving the book."

Hey, I'm loving that story. And praying and hoping that J feels a lot better, really soon. 


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