I need inspiration, people


Some people seem to be able to make up fictional characters right out of their heads.

I'm not one of them.

I do best when I can 'hang' my story on a real-life 'hook'. I need a person to think about when I create a character. I need some actual circumstances to base the story on.

Love and Muddy Puddles was easy. As soon as heard about how 'Coco' and her family moved to Budgong, I knew the story was there. (Yes, I changed it, and her, a lot, but the bare bones are the same.) And it was absolutely a delight to present 'Coco' with her copy this week. (See how cute she is?)

I've got two more stories up my sleeve, but after that I'm going to run out of tricks. 

So what about you? Would you like me to write a 'Cecily' version of *your* story*? 

I'm serious. Answer the questions below** and send me an email, and hopefully your story will spark a book that I'll write soon.

Here are the questions. (Obviously the more detail you give the better.)

1. Have you ever felt like you don't belong?

2. Has a friend (or family member) ever betrayed you?

3. What do you *most* want in the whole world? (Think deeply about this one)

4. Have you ever tried to change yourself? If so, how?

5. Do you have any challenging circumstances that you have to overcome?

6. What's been your worst, and your best, day of your life?

7. Is there anything else really important you want to tell me?


Inspired? Go on. Tell me your story and we'll see what happens!



*ps. I'm not promising an actual book about you because that's never going to be possible, even though it would be cool. It would be a book based loosely on you or your circumstances, 'kay? (:

**pps. You qualify if you're a girl aged between 10 and 15, or if you're an older girl remembering back to when you were between 10 and 15.  

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