Invisible will be in Chinese soon plus other stuff that makes me dance.


I'm a bit excited about this. Invisible is getting translated into Chinese. On the one hand, if you, dear lovely reader, don't speak or read Chinese, you're not going to care that much. But on the other, for me, it opens up a whole new world. 

I'm really pleased about the translator who's doing the job too, by the way. She's focusing on getting the mood, the emotions and the character across, more than just translating word for word. I think it's going to be a beautifully written translation. Obviously, I won't ever be able to read it (unless I start learning simplified Mandarin RIGHT NOW) but I can't wait to see what people say about it when it's done.

Here's the blurb, already translated. Doesn't it look cool?

茉莉·克劳福德(Jazmine Crawford不做决定,不做选择,也不交朋友。她只想着一件事:让自己隐形。对茉莉来说,比起承认自己的伤心痛苦,摘掉助听器,随波逐流,假装什么都没有发生来得更加简单。但是,当她开始专心于学校的校园剧,甚至和活泼的加比,爱吃巧克力的利亚姆成为朋友的时候,茉莉慢慢地走出自己封闭的壳。可是,她能勇敢地面对学校恶霸的欺凌吗?能够坚强地面对发生在她父亲身上的真相吗?

(By the way, don't you just think that's AWESOME that I can publish something in Chinese on this blog? I practically giggle every time I press copy and paste.)

ALSO... you might like to know that I'm having discussions with a small publisher about Love and Muddy Puddles. The owner loved Coco and Charlie and wanted to know: will there be a series? If yes, let's chat. 

"Yes, of course," I said. So in a few weeks we will chat and I hope the news will be good for everyone.

Now, of course, we just need to find a movie producer who wants to take it on and bring it to Hollywood.. Anyone got any contacts? 

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