Being Wonder Woman (makes you happier)

I’ve been writing a book about happiness habits for girls – ways to live your life so you’re not totally miserable all the time. It’s coming soon… but here’s a little taster.

Okay, so she hardly ever gets to be the main character in her own movie, but Wonder Woman is still awesome. And there’s something we can all learn from her which will help us get happier, and it’s not about how to keep up a strapless, sleeveless pantsuit.

What it’s about, is her Wonder Woman stance. Can you see her in your mind, shooting into the air, looking ahead and up, one arm out in front and high, the other flying out behind her, and both hands making fists?

Stand up for a minute. Make your own Wonder Woman stance and hold it for two full minutes.

Yep. 30 seconds… 60 seconds…. 90 seconds… two minutes.


And tell me how you feel.

Energized? Strong? Confident? Like, um, Wonder Woman?

Any time you feel sluggish or scared or stupid, whisk yourself into a quiet place and go all Wonder Woman. You’ll come out feeling like a superhero, happier, stronger and ready to tackle anything.

Who’s your favourite superhero? What two super powers would you like to have? And why?

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