Home from hols

We made it! Two weeks away at two different locations and it was relatively trauma-free.

We have returned with the following achievements to crow about:

Bright Eyes is first-step toilet trained! And it was so easy! All we did was take off his nappies and let him run around the house nunga-punga. He simply took himself to the toilet when he needed to go, and even managed a big, grown-up 'stand up wee' on occasion.

There were a couple of accidents, but really he did very well, even using toilets at other people's houses and in shopping centres.

I say first-step, because we still have a little way to go. He asks for a nappy when he knows something bigger is coming, but that's fine with me for now. And we put a nappy on him once he's asleep because I can't trust his night-time bladder, but that will improve too. Also, he still isn't in his undies. I eventually decided that the undies were a 'B' issue, and he could toilet train without them, so he's a bit breezy down below, but hey!

I am amazed at how easy it was, and feeling very blessed. He was obviously ready.

His second achievement was taking to regularly eating two new things - corned beef and gourmet sausages (ie. not the regular supermarket soy-filled pap, but sausages with real meat and *gasp* even some vegetables in them!)

His third achievement was a clothing challenge. With his grandma, he chose and put on a new T-shirt. Sounds normal right? Well, this t-shirt has a picture on it! This is unheard of for Bright Eyes. But he has kept wearing it and really likes it.