I am delighted to announce that not only are we all going on two weeks of holidays, but that Bright Eyes 'gets' it. We've been talking about going away to Pop's house. Swimming. Beach. Having fun. Two weeks. It's all there in his head. Hooray!

He has also been asking me in the last few days to name things for him. "What's that?" he'll ask, and point to something in a picture. Today it was the udder of a goat in a farm puzzle. I guess it's a fair enough question.

We had a small success with toot training today. I just didn't put his nappy on (and ignored the unpopular undies) so he was running around half naked. Half an hour later he came to me and said, "Can you wipe it up Mum?" and then said, "I'll go to the toilet and do a wee." He had made a little leak on the floor, but then self-corrected! Yay!