Duck duck goose

Bright Eyes just loves to play duck duck goose*.

Today he and his sister and dad were playing a version of the game, but using different words. I think his sister began it by saying 'Muffin,!' and then (ahem) 'toilet, toilet.... flush'.

Bright Eyes got creative and added his own words: 'broom, broom, sweep', 'Veggitales, veggitales.... eat it' and 'Shane, Shane... David**'.

I'm sure that counts for something in RDI-objective-land... I'll just have to find out what.

*That's the game where a child runs around the circle of sitting children, tapping each on the head and saying 'duck' until he chooses one and says 'goose', whereupon the chosen child hops up and races around the circle trying to catch the first one. Geddit?

**Shane and David are the Umbilical Brothers, physical comedy geniuses and the stars of the brilliant new 'Upside Down Show' on ABC Kids TV. Bright Eyes just LOVES it.*