I'm a Big Boy Now!

Background to this: Bright Eyes is getting toilet trained, but has refused outright and to the point of screaming to ever wear underwear.

I was having a relaxing soak in the bath this evening, reading a good book when I overheard this from Bright Eyes who was in bed.

"Dad, dad.... (muffled indiscernible) I need.... (something inaudible)."

Next thing I know, Daddy has stuck his head around the bathroom door. "He wants his undies! Quick! Where are they?"

He grabbed a couple of pairs of underwear and took them back to Bright Eyes, who then said, "No. I'm not wearing them. No!" But instead of retreating defeated, he put the undies in the room and left quietly.

After about a minute I could hear this:

"Bright Eyes is wearing undies. Look! I'm wearing undies. I'm a big boy now."

He had put them on by himself, and was preening to Daddy and his big sister. The look of pride on his face was definitely worth getting out of the bath for!

Hey, it only took five months....