I went to a big expo today, all about gluten free food, health products and diet. It was great to find a few new products, but the best things were the free seminars.

Well-known in the Australian autism scene are Dr Anthony Greenwood and Karen Wheelwright. Greenwood presented on the connection between gut dysfunctions and neurological development, and Wheelwright looked through the variety of different diets that are followed around the place.

My particular interest was in the launch of this book, Healing Foods, by Sandra Ramacher. She has followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for ten years and has been cured of colitis. It's a beautiful book and I bought a copy!

So now I've got the kick of inspiration I needed to start the SCD with Bright Eyes - and myself! Yes, I'll be going on it too. To do it successfully, I know I'll have to have a plan. Here it is:

1. Start properly after Christmas.
2. Before Christmas, start trying out different foods and alternatives - especially for breakfast and snacks.
3. Get some friends to attempt a few recipes for me, so I don't burn them and end up discouraged and defeated.
4. Try to change as much as possible now so that after Christmas it will feel normal to do it!