Why another blog?

I was chatting to Bright Eyes' preschool teacher this week. She is in my humble opinion the very best preschool teacher running the very best preschool in the entire earth. We were talking about how he was going.

She said: "I am amazed at Bright Eyes. When I first met him last August I wondered what I was letting myself in for. He's a different child now. I can honestly say I have never seen a child make so much progress and change so much."

Her comment inspired this blog. I know that Bright Eyes has improved a lot in the seven months since his Autistic Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. But seeing progress with your own child can be like trying to watch him grow! It's so slow it's almost impossible to see unless you document it.

This will be my journal and my document of Bright Eyes' progress on his journey towards remediating his autism.