Bright Eyes is born

I'll have to start from the beginning, for my own sake.

After my first child was born, I had a lot of trouble falling pregnant. After taking ovulation drugs for eight months and then suffering an ectopic pregnancy which left me with one tube, I was certain it would never happen. However, three months after the ectopic I tested positive - I was pregnant.

The pregnancy was fairly normal. The only things that were out of the ordinary were several severe headaches lasting 3 to 5 days each, but for no discernible cause. And the baby had a small cyst on his brain between 16 and 20 weeks or so.

At the time we were living in a very old, damp house. Looking back, I wonder if the headaches might have been due to something like residues from old lead paint. Or if the Clomid drugs I took had something to do with Bright Eyes development.

Autism and ASD are occuring at a massively high rate at the moment. People are calling it an epidemic. But no-one really knows what the actual causes are. Some say it's heavy metals poisoning from environmental buildups. Some say vaccinations. Some say it's because of build up of toxins from food passed down over various generations. It seems to run in families with histories of allergies and gut problems, which my side of the family has its fair share of!

Perhaps I was to blame because of what I ate, where I lived or what I did. If I was, I didn't know it. I was just an ordinary person, trying my best to be a healthy incubator and a good mother for my much-wanted baby boy.

He was born the day after his due date, big, chubby and healthy. He ate like there would be no more food tomorrow. He was calm and quiet. He was really the perfect baby.