Tantrums and how to deal with them II

I should add an update about our current tantrum situation.

I estimate we probably experience one middle sized tantrum every second day or so, and one major one per week.

Bright Eyes has several daily small 'reactions' to transitions, and a few yells for a few minutes when we turn off the telly or come in the door, but in general, the hours of screaming have diminished a whole lot.

(Interestingly he has never yet thrown a wobbly at preschool!)

These days I am far more careful with triggering things off. But at the same time, I am less scared of his big outbursts, which adds a certain amount of calm to the whole situation. I frequently give positive feedback for good communication or calm behaviour.

When he does get a tantrum, I still do leave him to cry it out for up to half an hour or so, depending on what else I have to do. I notice though, that when I go in to calm him down, he is expecting me, and will quiet fairly quickly. I sit him on my knee, hug firmly and gently rock back and forth. After a few minutes of that soothing activity he will usually hop off himself and head on out the door looking for something else to do.

As his brain starts to work better from the diet changes, the supplements and the RDI therapy, he is becoming less tense, less upset about change and less explosive. As his receptive language improves and his ability to express himself improves, he is more able to say what he needs and not have to resort to screaming, pounding his arms, and kicking his legs on the floor.

It all works together!