I just want to share something with you kind Rainy But Clearing readers.

Today Bright Eyes saw his sister playing with lego. He went up to her, stood beside her and said, using her name, "What are you doing?" He waited to hear the answer and then joined in.

He asked the same question at appropriate points in the day to other people too. It was wonderful.

Another encouragement: I was feeling so tired that I nearly gave up on doing his RDI therapy half hour. But I persisted, and he enjoyed our 'rolling' game so much that he was really disappointed when I said it was time to stop!

A tiny feeling of discouragement: Our local school had a preschoolers open day today. It made me shiver. Next year, Bright Eyes could be going to that.

But will he even be close to ready to think about going to school? According to the RDI program, he functions at the social level of a nearly two year old. Will he have progressed enough to cope?