A prayer update...

...for any who are kind enough to pray

We’ve had now a full six months since his therapies started in earnest. The first few of months showed a whole lot of improvements, which was so encouraging. Progress over the last couple of months has slowed somewhat and in some ways I feel that we have reached a bit of a plateau. Mind you, that plateau is a whole lot higher than where we were six months ago, so when I remember to look back, I give thanks to God!

Other things to give thanks for are: better health for me, a good relationship with our RDI therapist, generous people who have given some extra dollars to help us with the costs of therapy and diet, wonderful support from so many people here. I have been overwhelmed by the love and support of so many praying people.

The prayer points this month are really to do with specific things that would make all our lives just that little bit smoother and easier right now. These are:

The Jacket!!!
It’s cold here – average 9-10C every day at the moment. We have lovely central heating in the house, but when we go out, we all need jackets. The trouble is, Campbell refuses point blank to put the jacket on. We have had tantrums on tantrums over this issue. He would rather be cold than wear it. However, he is absolutely happy to put it on to go outside at preschool! The preschool teacher never has a refusal and it’s the same jacket! I don’t know how to handle this, so I’m asking you to pray: please let Campbell be happy to put his jacket on when it is needed.

The Food!!!
His diet remains as limited as ever. While he has stopped crying and yelling at most meals (as he used to 6 months ago) meals times can still be fraught, depending on what’s on his plate and what he wants to be on there. I would just love him to be willing to try some new food – particularly meat and vegetables, so I’m asking you to pray: please let Campbell be happy to eat one new meat and two new vegies.

The Toilet!!!
I asked you to pray about toilet training last time. Thank you because we have had some good steps forward with this. He now is frequently happy to go (not always) and will always ‘produce’ once on. But he needs to be more independent about using it, and then self-motivated to go. I’m asking you to pray: please let Campbell be motivated to get himself to the toilet.

A final request.
I’m very much into asking God to answer specific prayers, as you can see by the above. And something that would be fantastic for all of us would be for Campbell to be cured of autism. (: I have no qualms about asking God to do that. I understand perfectly that he may say no, and it may be the thing that Campbell and we struggle with for the rest of his life, but if you never ask the question, you never know the answer. If you feel comfortable, I’d love you to pray with me for a complete cure of Campbell’s autistic spectrum disorder.