Little catches of joy

Yesterday Bright Eyes did these cute things:

He found the play apron that goes with the toy library kitchen, put it on and stood up with me at the kitchen bench. "I'm a lady, I'm a lady." (Hmmm. We've got a bit of gender stereotyping going on here obviously. Daddy needs to spend more time in the kitchen.)

After that, he came to help me 'cook' and put the rice in the rice cooker. Any activities that show co-ordination and regulation of actions with another person are so encouraging!

Again in the kitchen. While up in Katoomba with friends, I bought some cute cookie cutters and set out to make gingerbread on my return. Bright Eyes helped cut them out and put them on the tray. Together we put them in the oven. When I pulled them out, I asked him if he wanted one. He said yes, so I gave him a gingerbread man. He put the head in his mouth and took a bite, looked up at me, said "I don't like it" and put it back on the bench.

It might sound like a waste of effort, but I was pretty happy with that result!

We had the spare queen mattress on the floor of the RDI room yesterday. He and sister love jumping from the window frame on to it. They do forward and backward rolls, co-ordinated jumps and jumping at the same time. He got on the window himself and said, "I'm a bird." Then he flapped his arms and said, "I'm a bird. I'm flying the tree," and jumped down. Beautiful!