There was a bright side to the difficult tantrum day. And that is that Bright Eyes ate about two bites of chicken sausage at dinner time.

I found a supplier of sausages that have nothing but organic meat, filtered water and almond meal in them. The butcher makes them for his autistic child and sells them to others who need them. As sausages are usually full of preservatives and often gluten, this is a great option for parents.

I ordered a tray of beef, chicken and lamb sausages last week. Unfortunately Bright Eyes rejected the beef ones straight up when I gave them to him the other day. Today I tried chicken though, mixed in with his regular sausages. He ate one bit and spat it out, but I removed it calmly and encouraged him to keep eating.

When I took his plate, I noticed that only four bits out of about eight were left of the chicken ones. So he did eat some!!!!

I think I might dance around for joy.