We dropped in to the Early Intervention Unit yesterday in Moss Vale. It's a service that provides intensive support to children with delays in various areas. It's kind of like preschool, but in miniature, with two staff to only eight children.

We're trying to work out what Bright Eyes is going to do next year and especially in terms of preparing for school in 2009.

The Early Intervention Unit looks great (and it's free!) but I have a feeling that Bright Eyes time would be better spent focusing on RDI.

I found the quote below from Dr Gutstein in this week's RDI newsletter:

"By having school take up all the the child's emotional and attentional resources we leave nothing for the most critical objective.

What we know is that unless we directly address the core areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder, the prognosis for quality of life is very poor.

Imagine if we were talking about cancer and someone said they were so busy with homework they had no time for chemotherapy."

We've got some decisions to make!