New technique

Getting Bright Eyes to cooperate with me in what RDI calls 'guided participation' is one of the crucial parts of our therapy program. Unfortunately in the last few weeks he has been a bit reluctant to join in with me if it's not something he really enjoys.

A typical encounter might go like this.

Me: "Bright Eyes, I need some help with the laundry. Let's do it together."

Him: "No, no, no, noooooo. No laundry. Mum, run to your room. No laundry. Bright Eyes no helping." This followed by stiff body and physical refusal to come with me, often crying and running away.

Me: "Ummmmm."

So today I tried a different tack. I remembered that less words are better and physical regulation comes before verbal regulation in RDI. Then I set up the laundry so it would be smooth and easy for him to come into it and went to get him.

I went right up to him, smiled and put my hand out. He gave me his hand and we walked together. I guided him towards the laundry, feeling a little bit of reluctance in his body, but he got over it and willingly went through the door saying, "Do the laundry. Laundry time."

I gestured towards the door of the washing machine (front loader), he opened it and together we pulled out the clothes into the waiting basket.

The same approach worked for unpacking the dishwasher together, plus dinner, bathtime and getting dressed later that night.

Hooray. I feel like I've broken through a barrier.