Happy Birthday Bright Eyes

My little boy turned 4 today. He is really growing up! It almost made me misty-eyed to think that on this day four whole years ago, he joined our family. We have been richer for it!

If you see him around, don't wish him happy birthday yet, however. We are celebrating his birthday on Saturday because Daddy is away right now. He didn't know it was his birthday today and we didn't tell him!

This is the first year that he has sort of understood the idea of age, and the idea of birthdays.

On his first birthday, he spent most of his party screaming after waking up from his nap and finding the living room stuffed with relatives all looking at him.

On his second birthday I imagine he spent most of it running away or obsessively playing with cars. (I can't remember it!)

On his third birthday, he blew out the candles and opened the presents, but he didn't really get what it was all about and certainly had no idea of what was going on leading up to the actual moment.

This year, he understands that it will be his birthday soon and he will be four. It's nice to be able to start talking with him about things that are going to happen in the future, and have him kind of understand.